"Circular Economy - transforming waste into resources" 33rd AGUASAN Workshop – June 26th to 30th, 2017, Spiez, Switzerland


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"Circular Economy - transforming waste into resources" 33rd AGUASAN Workshop – June 26th to 30th, 2017, Spiez, Switzerland

On behalf of the AGUASAN group, the workshop steering committee is pleased to inform you about
this year’s AGUASAN Workshop titled:
Circular economy – transforming waste into resources
The focus of this year’s AGUASAN Workshop will be dedicated to exchanging and generating
knowledge to assist participants in transitioning from linear to circular water and sanitation models
. Participants will do so by looking at the concept of circular economy in relation to the water and nutrient cycles and by identifying barriers and drivers in transitioning to a circular economy.
They will analyse successful and failed approaches, apply them to managing water and nutrient cycles and prioritize entry points and courses of action for the transition.
The workshop will feature topic-specific inputs, case studies and the expertise gathered by the articipants. Supported by a professional team of facilitators and interactive formats the participants will share experiences and leave the event with practical tools as well as strengthened professional ties across the different communities. The accompanying announcement outlines the concept of the workshop in more depth.
If you are interested in attending the event, please complete the enclosed pre-registration form
and return it to us as indicated, but not later than March 19th 2017.
If you wish to forward this
information to colleagues and partner organisations, please feel free to do so. Since we need to
limit the number of participants to optimise the working environment, the applications will undergo a selection procedure. A well-balanced mix of participants regarding their expertise and gender as well as their thematic, organisational as well as geographic backgrounds is aimed at, whilst ensuring that communication in English can be achieved. Participants that are willing to prepare and present a relevant case study, poster or similar are given priority in the selection procedure. The workshop steering committee bears the responsibility for handling the selection

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