Edible insects - Future prospects for food and feed security? Black Soldier Fly research issues


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Re: Black soldier fly for sanitation

Greetings Elizabeth,
Thank you for posting this link to a very comprehensive document. I recently participated in Sustainable Phosphorus (P) Research Coordination Network (RCN) Kickoff, supported by National Science Foundation and administered through Arizona State University. It was there that some working groups emerged, one of which is sustainable P in context of productive agricultural systems. I shared my enthusiasm regarding the potential of BSFL (black soldier fly larvae) to transform waste (biomass and manures)into marketable products in situ, without costly transportation and inefficiencies of growing plants to make feed for animals. I will share this this important publication with the RCN.
Many thanks,
Jeff Holiman
Jeff Holiman
Portland, OR, USA
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Edible insects - Future prospects for food and feed security? Black Soldier Fly research issues

By the way, this week I heard in the mainstream news about a new report by FAO that said that we should get used to seeing insects as food, for humans or for animals. They are a very cheap source of protein. This could also help to justify future research on BSF, shouldn't it?

See link to report here:
Edible insects - Future prospects for food and feed security

It's not my area of expertise but it strikes me as a strategically important research field. Once again, we can link sanitation to food production and make it "productive".
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