Invitation: UN resolutions and what's in it for you | MRR talk | 14 July | 10am CET


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Invitation: UN resolutions and what's in it for you | MRR talk | 14 July | 10am CET

Dear colleagues,    
We invite you to join the Make Rights Real (MRR) talk on 14 July (10 AM CET). The talk focuses on United Nations resolutions on therights to water and sanitation and what’s in it for you. 
The commitment to and understanding of the human rights to water and sanitation has evolved in UN resolutions. In fact, countries negotiate a new resolution on these rights every year. These resolutions can be important for national level advocacy on the rights to water and sanitation.    
In this episode of MRR talk, we talk about how youcan use resolutions in your work, we reveal which countries supported resolutionsand we also want to hear what is important to you in futurere solutions. Our guest for this episode is Tseguereda Abraham, Head of Advocacy and System Strengthening in WaterAid Ethiopia and soon to be Senior WASH Manager for Governance, Rights and Accountability in WaterAid UK.  Moderator Hannah Neumeyer leads the Make Rights Real initiative and - as Head of Human Rights at WASH United - has advocated on many of these resolutions. 
Join us on 14July (10 AM CET) by clicking the link below to join the MRR talk (no pre-registration needed):   
Interested in doing more than listening in? We also invite you to get actively involved:  
  • Click  here  to read about UN resolutions and the issues covered in the latest one.   
  • Tell us what you think by participating in  this survey . Here you can indicate what is most important to you in the negotiations for the upcoming resolution in the 51st UN Human Rights Council session from 12 September – 7 October 2022.  
What is Make Rights Real talk?
In this one-hour format, guest speakers share their experiences on working with the human rights to water and sanitation in a podcast-like discussion, followed by a call-in part where listeners can ask questions and share their thoughts.  
What is Make Rights Real?     
Make Rights Real is an initiative dedicated to advancing the use of human rights in practice in the WASH sector at local level. The
initiative shows how the human rights to water and sanitation can be used at local level, so that government institutions take more and better action to realise services for all.
Find out more about the initiative and its MRR talk and open hour events here:

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