Is your facility WASH FIT? More about the WASH FIT 2.0


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Re: Webinar: Is your facility WASH FIT 2022? on 26 April 2022, 1 pm CEST

Hello Dave,

Considering your post did not give some insights into what exactly the WASH FIT Tool is and what it does, I thought to share this small summary and also included a link to the tool below.

WASH FIT is a practical tool for improving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in health care facilities in order to ensure clean and safe facilities for staff and patients. It provides a framework to assess, prioritize and implement a plan to improve services.

The first edition of WASH FIT was published in 2018 and as of 2022 is in use in over 40 countries. This second edition responds to member state and user requests for more guidance and information on incorporating climate and environment and gender and equity considerations throughout each of the 5 WASH FIT steps  as well as a greater focus on sustainable, implementation and engagement with health actors.The approach and WASH standards are the same as those included in the first edition of WASH FIT and thus those already implementing WASH FIT can use the new package to improve existing efforts.  The Second Edition also includes a set of fact sheets, check lists, updated assessments and examples of national adoption and use of WASH FIT. The guide is accompanied by a comprehensive training manual and set of training slides.

A link to the publication can be found here:  WASH FIT: A practical guide for improving quality of care through water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities. Second edition (  

Dave it would be great if you could share additional outcomes of the Webinar that SuSanA members could benefit from. 

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Webinar: Is your facility WASH FIT 2022? on 26 April 2022, 1 pm CEST

Dear colleagues, 
You are welcome to join the WHO-UNICEF webinar entitled ‘Is your facility WASH FIT 2022?’ on 26 April 2022, 1 pm CEST. The webinar will be the first opportunity to hear about the new & updated WASH Facilities Improvement Tool (WASH FIT) package, country examples of improvements when using WASH FIT and discuss plans for future implementation.  

You can register here:
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