Webinars - gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2021; May31 - June4


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Webinars - gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2021; May31 - June4

Dear Susana Members,
The annual gLOCAL Evaluation Week organised by Global Evaluation Initiative is here once again. Please check the webinars scheduled for this year at glocalevalweek.org/events

Many of these, being in the evaluation domain, cover cross cutting themes, including SDGs, capacities, policies, etc. Many sessions are around the theme of building forward better, in a post pandemic world.

I encourage you to have a look. the search function is pretty effective, you can look for sessions in your language, in your region, in specific themes. I found few interesting sessions related to my area of research. I hope you will find some as well...

Yatin Diwakar
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Re: Webinars - gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2021; May31 - June4

Thanks Yatin for posting this.
You are right, the search function is very well designed

I did a quick search using some of the keywords relevant for the audience of this forum and I found quite an interesting line of events. 

The Evaluation week unfortunately clashes with FSM6, a major WASH conference. I still hope many will find this useful.

Paresh Chhajed-Picha
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