CSE Webinar: Sustainable Urban Water Management – Challenges and Opportunities in mainstreaming Climate Adaptation


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CSE Webinar: Sustainable Urban Water Management – Challenges and Opportunities in mainstreaming Climate Adaptation

For registration,  click here

Urban water systems are confronted with significantly changing conditions. The impacts of climate change, rapid urbanization, and deteriorating and outdated infrastructure aggravate current water challenges of causing flooding, water scarcity and rehabilitation costs on a scale that will overwhelm the capacities of cities. These conditions are increasing the need for environmentally friendly alternatives and designs that can track and anticipate change, even in the face of uncertainty. It is important to take up the challenge of controlling and judiciously using natural resources to reduce our ecological footprint along with prudent use of water resources.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)  -  School of Water and Waste   has recently launched a web compendium: ‘C-GINS – Compendium of Green Infrastructure Network Systems’      C-GINS (Compendium of green infrastructure network systems) an attempt to bring these sustainable water management practices at one place. It is an initiative to create a platform where all users feel enabled by reading about already implemented interventions and proposed policy approaches

CSE is organizing this webinar in partnership  Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA)  to sensitize key stakeholders about the need to develop water resilience in cities in wake of climate change. 

For registration,  click here  

Dr John Matthews
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Alliance for Global Water Adaptation

Dr Ad Jeukens
Climate Change Adaptation Expert

Webinar Coordinator:
Nupur Srivastava
Programme Manager, Water Programme
Email:  nupur.srivastava@cseindia.org

Webinar Director:
Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director CSE & Academic Director
School of Water and Waste, Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute – AAETI
Email:  srohilla@cseindia.org

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