Webinar- Addressing stakeholder concerns around testing sewage for COVID-19, 22 May, 4-5 PM


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Webinar- Addressing stakeholder concerns around testing sewage for COVID-19, 22 May, 4-5 PM

Research from past SARS epidemics has proved fragments of the viruses from infected human beings are found in wastewater and sewage. In the case of COVID-19, these can be isolated and analysed, as a proxy indicator, to determine if there are infections in an area. It is important to note that the WHO claims that there is no evidence to date that the COVID-19 virus has been transmitted via sewerage systems with or without wastewater treatment.

The SuSanA India Chapter, IRC, India Sanitation Coalition and WaterAid invite you to a webinar on 22nd May, 2020, from 4:00 to 5:00 PM, Indian Standard Time (GMT + 5:30)

  1. Malini Reddy, Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI)
  2.  S Vishwanath, Biome
  3. M R Seetharam, SVYM,
  4.  Sharada Prasad, Azim Premji University
Moderator - Sunetra Lala, SNV Combodia

The speakers will discuss how to address the concerns of stakeholders in towns that arise from testing sewage for COVID-19. These stakeholders include decision-makers and technical staff, health workers and sanitation workers. Speakers will also consider the health and safety of sanitation workers and deliberate on whether there are any public health implications for COVID-19 in sewage.

Register for the webinar here: https://tinyurl.com/yc84kh4v .
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