Webinar on WHO Guidelines on Sanitation and Health - CSE in partnership with WHO


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Webinar on WHO Guidelines on Sanitation and Health - CSE in partnership with WHO

Hi Everyone,

CSE in partnership with United Nations-World Health Organisation (WHO), conducted a webinar on 4th July 2019. The webinar was organised for the dissemination of the new Guidelines on Sanitation and Health released in October 2018. We received a great response - about 150 people registered and 70 tuned in from across the world.

The Guidelines summarize the evidence on the effectiveness of a range of sanitation interventions and provide a comprehensive framework for health-protecting sanitation, covering policy and governance measures, implementation of sanitation technologies, systems and behavioural interventions, risk-based management, and monitoring approaches. The guidelines also identify gaps in the evidence-base to guide future research efforts to improve the effectiveness of sanitation interventions.

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla, (Senior Director, CSE) introduced the topic and set the context. It was followed by a presentation by Sophie Boisson (Sanitation Technical Officer, WHO) and a Q&A session moderated by Dr Rohilla with Sophie and Kate Medlicott (Sanitation Team Leader, WHO) answering questions our attendees wrote in.

Watch it, like it and Subscribe to our channel of School of Water and Waste – AAETI !
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