Technical Training in Water & Sanitation Infrastructure, 9 - 14 September 2013, Madagascar


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Technical Training in Water & Sanitation Infrastructure, 9 - 14 September 2013, Madagascar

The training is a broad, intense 6-day course with a heavy practical bias, providing a rare opportunity to learn through both theoretical and hands-on practical sessions. The training is invaluable to both those who need more technical input for their work, as well as for those in management who find they have become more and more involved in water and/or sanitation programmes, but lack the basic technical and theoretical background.

The training is intense and is given through a range of practical and theoretical sessions. While several theoretical courses are available, practical hands-on field experience is difficult to obtain. The BushProof training therefore focuses heavily on practical sessions (some of which are carried out by participants, others of which are shown during breaks by the BushProof construction crew), which include the following:
• In-situ lining, curved block & cutting ring construction for hand-dug wells
• Manual drilling using BushProof technique
• Jetting
• Handpumps and their operation
• Chlorine & alum jar tests
• Biosand filter construction & installation
• Latrine slab construction (normal, dome)
• Water testing (chemical, physical, bacteriological)

In addition to the practical sessions, the course will provide a broad overview of the theoretical aspects of water and sanitation projects (but will focus on water supply & treatment). Theoretical issues are linked to real life field experiences of the facilitators throughout the course.

Cost : 1,500 Euros, which includes tuition, handouts, resource CDs, coffee breaks, lunch on training days and field visits. Any organization booking 5 places can get a 6th place for free. Places are only guaranteed upon full payment.

More information : More information is available in the course overview document available here:
MM / Tech Director / BushProof / Madagascar
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