Ranas course: Systematic behaviour change in development projects at Eawag


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Ranas course: Systematic behaviour change in development projects at Eawag

This is a cordial invitation to the online course "Systematic behaviour change in development projects" at Eawag in collaboration with Ranas Ltd.

The course will enable participants to plan, design and evaluate systematic behaviour change campaigns based on the RANAS approach. The participants will learn how to conduct a quantitative survey measuring relevant behavioural factors, how to identify
the required behaviour change techniques and how to verify their effectiveness. The course will be based on a comprehensive revision of the Ranas approach and includes several new tools.

For whom
The course targets professionals interested in behavior change, especially in water, sanitation and hygiene.

Course Subjects
• Developing systematic behaviour change campaigns
• Increasing knowledge of contextual, social, cultural, and psychological behavioural factors
• Developing a quantitative questionnaire
• Preparing a survey and analysing data
• Selecting behaviour change techniques and designing a campaign
• Developing and conducting a field test
• Monitoring change in behavioural factors and behaviour

Please find more details in the attached flyer.

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