Evento: Curso RanasFOCUS (in Spanish) - a course on RANAS Focus (systematic behaviour change)


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Evento: Curso RanasFOCUS (in Spanish) - a course on RANAS Focus (behaviour change)


Me gustaríainvitar a la red SuSana, de la cual somos miembros, al curso RanasFOCUS: Cambio
de Comportamiento Sistemático, del 29.11 al 2.12.2021.
Más información: https://www.ranasmosler.com/single-post/ranasfocus-curso-en-linea-en-espanol y por correo a: silvie.palacios@ranas.ch

Muchas gracias!
Saludos, Silvie

Translation by Deepl:

Dear all,
I would like to invite the SuSana network, of which we are members, to the course RanasFOCUS: Systematic Behaviour Change, from 29.11. to 2.12.2021.
Systematic Behaviour Change, from 29.11 to 2.12.2021.
More information: www.ranasmosler.com/single-post/ranasfoc...en-linea-en-espanoly by mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank you very much!
Greetings, Silvie

Dr. Silvie Kraemer Palacios
Behaviour Change Expert - Managing Director
Ranas – We understand Behaviour Change
Drusbergstrasse 26
CH-8053 Zürich

Mobile +593 99 466 77 61
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