Blended Online and Residential Training Programme on Preparation of Shit Flow Diagram (SFD)


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Blended Online and Residential Training Programme on Preparation of Shit Flow Diagram (SFD)

For registration, click here

Mapping excreta of a city is increasingly being used to analyse the sanitation in urban areas. An excreta flow diagram (also often described as shit flow diagram), can help to achieve this by offering a new and innovative way to engage sanitation experts, political leaders and civil society in coordinated discussions about excreta management in their city. 

CSE - School of Water and Waste (SWW) is organizing this advanced training programme for selected cohort of alumni (for details, click here ) and selected individuals with prior knowledge of the subject. This training focuses on providing practical and hands-on experience on preparation of SFDs.

To sensitise and equip practitioners in mapping excreta flows using the Shit Flow Diagram (SFD) Tool, and using it for preparing city-wide sanitation strategies

Programme Design

Part A: Introduction and Context Setting (Online Platform): 2-10 April, 2021
Part B: Action Learning (Residential Training at AAETI):  27-30 April, 2021

Learn & Earn -
- Top 5 scorers in Part A will get 80% refund of their course fee
- Max. 10 no.s participants of  Part B who commit and prepare SFD for hometown or select town/city / ward within  3 months will be paid INR 25,000.

For registration,  click here 

For more information on the training programme kindly contact:

Dhruv Pasricha
Programme Officer- Urban Water & Waste Management
Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, India
Tel: +91-11-40616000, 29955124, 299956110 ext. 322

Training Director:
Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director, CSE and Academic Director, School of Water & Waste, AAETI

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