Training programmes on water and sanitation, Centre for Science and Environment


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Training programmes on water and sanitation, Centre for Science and Environment

School of Water & Waste of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi is organizing a series of exciting online training programmes for professionals working in the water and sanitation sector in the coming three months. These online training programmes are based on
state-of-art teaching-learning tools consisting of presentations, videos featuring case studies from various countries, interviews with experts,
inspirational talks, and other audio and reading material. To know more about these courses, please refer the attachment or one can also visit   So Hurry Up and Register Soon for these upcoming learnings. 

1.  The SaniPath Tool: Assessing Exposure to Fecal Contamination in Urban Settings
Dates: 17-28 August, 2020
The aim of the training is to provide the necessary knowledge and practice of SaniPath Tool methods for participants to confidently train others and manage a deployment of the SaniPath Tool. 
2.  City-Wide Sanitation Planning
Dates: August 24 -19 September 2020
The training will enable practitioners to gain basic skills and knowledge about City-wide Sanitation Planning
3.  Urban Lake Management
Dates: August 28-September 25, 2020
The training aims to develop the capacity of various stakeholders on conservation, restoration, planning and management of lakes for water and environmental sustainability in urban areas.
4.  Green Infrastructure - Effective measures to manage urban flooding and water supply
Dates: September 02- 30, 2020
The training will help students, working professionals and environmental enthusiasts learn state-of-art concepts and principles of green infrastructure for improved urban water management at their own comfort and pace. 

5.  Safe Water, Sanitation and Health for all during and post COVID19
Dates: September 14 - October 12, 2020
The training will help to create change-agents who will have basic understanding about the concepts and principles of Sanitation Safety Planning (SSP) in order to ensure safe water and efficient management of sanitation services. 

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