IHE's results from BMGF Capacity Building Projects III - Open Access Online Courses on Experimental Methods in WWT


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IHE's results from BMGF Capacity Building Projects III - Open Access Online Courses on Experimental Methods in WWT

IHE Delft and partners offer a series of seven open-access (both self-study and instructor-led) online courses on experimental methods in wastewater treatment for researchers and practitioners, targeting young scientists and engineers as well as mid-career professionals. An on-campus and tailor made versions of the course are also available.


Experimental laboratory methods and techniques have matured to the degree that they have become accepted as reliable tools in wastewater treatment research and practice. For sector professionals, especially the new generation of young scientists and engineers entering the wastewater treatment profession, the quantity, complexity and diversity of these methods can be overwhelming and, for many, the access to advanced level laboratory courses in wastewater treatment is not readily available. Moreover, the information on innovative experimental methods is scattered across scientific literature.

These online courses seek to address these deficiencies. They assemble and integrate the innovative experimental methods developed by research groups and practitioners around the world and broadly applied in wastewater treatment research and practice. The syllabus is designed to fit the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, laboratory staff, plant operators, consultants, and other sector professionals. The series includes seven courses and a textbook and are open access. These online courses can be either self-guided, or can be followed with the guidance of a teacher at the premises of IHE Delft or as part of a tailor-made group training course provided by IHE Delft and/or partner universities.

On a personal note: I realise this post mainly targets people working in centralised wastewater treatment, which may not be the usual SuSanA crowd :). However, I do think any technical sanitation person can profit from this material, at least as a reference, and as a suggestion on how to document future analytical methods and experimental work.

Enjoy the browsing!

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Note by moderator: More about the project and BMGF grant that funded the course development is here:
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