IMA International: 4-day Knowledge Management training course (in Brussels 2nd-5th May 2017)


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IMA International: 4-day Knowledge Management training course

IMA International are running a 4-day participatory Knowledge Management (KM) course in Brussels 2nd-5th May 2017.

Valuable to ALL organisations and sectors, including water and sanitation.

Our unique take on KM:
In a context of ever-growing dependence on technology, bringing people and processes to the foreground, supported by technical aspects, can truly embed and institutionalise knowledge sharing. We focus on the importance of people’s relationships, connectedness, behaviour and role modelling in their working context. We stress the importance of leading by example and how senior management has to take an active lead for KM to actually work.

For more info, to watch a videoclip of our course and to apply online see

Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
[attachment:1]C:\fakepath\Knowledge _Management 2017.pdf[/attachment]

To see more of IMA's 30+ years' work in international development see

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