SuSanA Mission Statement


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Re: SuSanA Mission Statement

Quick update

This version of the mission statement is included in the draft SuSanA roadmap:

“SuSanA is an open international network with members who are dedicated to researching and developing viable and sustainable sanitation solutions. It links on the ground experiences with an engaged community made up of practitioners, policy makers and academia, with the aim to promote innovation and best practices in policy, programming and implementation.”

With respect to the SuSanA vision document V1.2 February 2008, after a lot of discussion in both the large Core Group and Key Stakeholder meeting in Eschborn on 19th April 2013 as well as the smaller group at the workshop on 25th June in Willisau, the vision document is seen to still be valid and there are no plans to alter it.

As Heinz-Peter rightfully points out, there is a need to undertake a process to refresh a number of the working groups. This will be discussed with the current working group leads to begin with.

Kind regards

Trevor Surridge
Project Coordinator
Climate-friendly sanitation services in peri-urban areas of Lusaka (CFS-Lusaka) project
German Development Cooperation

GIZ Water Programme office
Chaholi Rd. No 5, Rhodes Park
Private Bag RW 37x
Lusaka, Zambia
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Re: SuSanA Mission Statement

Dear Trevor

Thank you for the quick update. I agree basically with Heinz-Peter and you that the SuSanA vision document V1.2 February 2008 ( ) is still valid.
However I think it may requires to be revisited in terms of the general and specific objectives (page 2) in order to adapt it in order to take in account the new roadmap for the next five years and the current challenges in the sector.

What is your point of view and how could this be done, once a roadmap was drafted and agreed on?

Best regards


WG1 Co-lead
Working with Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM):
Currently doing research on generating sanitation system options for urban planners and quantifying mass flows for a broad range of options considering novel technologies as an input into decision-making:
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