How has SuSanA impacted your work? Please provide testimonials, stories and examples


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Re: How has SuSanA impacted your work? Please provide testimonials, stories and examples

Dear All,

We have collected some more stories from SuSanA members about how the SuSanA Discussion Forum has helped them in their work.

The four SuSanA members below took part in our user survey and were randomly selected and awarded for their participation with a feature on the WSSCC website. Congratulations! 

Here is what they had to say about the SuSanA discussion forum (and also, see links to their detailed interviews on the WSSCC website):  

Musa Jimohis the co-founder of Hyphen Tech-bridge

The SuSanAdiscussion forum isn’t just a platform for discussion on sanitation and hygiene related matters, it’s a learning hub where ideas are shared, where latest trends in sanitation and hygiene field are learnt and where leadership and guidance are laid bare by senior colleagues/experts in the field to guide emerging WASH advocates. The platform has really helped me to improve on the areas of designing, planning and executing sustainable sanitation and hygiene projects.  

Depinder Kapur works for the National Institute of Urban Affairs in India

The discussion forum allows us (the National Institute of Urban Affairs):

  • to connect, learn and share
  • to contribute and grow professionally
  • to lead or be part of a thematic working group.
I am part of the change management task force for SuSanA as well as a capacity development working group. In these groups we have been looking at how SuSanA might evolve, and SuSanA can learn from WSSCC’s experiences of what did – and didn’t – work.  

Mohammed Mzahem, civil engineer in Yemen

I’ve been a member of the SuSanA Forum for almost five years. The exchange of ideas and experiences has been most useful. For example, the information about the urine diversion dehydration toilets in Yemen or the faecal management and urban sanitation knowledge that I’ve applied to my work at UNICEF.  I hope that SuSanA continues to share more learning from different countries and different communities.  

Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie, chief country coordinator, Network AID

We (Network AID) first heard of SuSanA through WSSCC when the Community of Practice merged with the discussion forum. We joined the discussion forum to continue expanding our knowledge and learning on WASH. The discussion forum has provided additional knowledge for us. The sharing of toolkits, reports, organizing online events and frank discussions are most useful. These have helped me to better understand sanitation and hygiene issues from hardware to software and even the use of technologies.  

Thank You to the four Forum members once more for their helpful and positive feedback about their experience. It would be such a pleasure to hear what others perceive as their benefit of the Forum.

The SuSanA moderation team would like to once again appreciate all users who took part in the  SuSanA Members Survey  that run from 22nd July to 16thSeptember 2020. The survey aimed at capturing the Forum user experience. The survey had exactly 538 responses and among them, the four users mentioned above were randomly selected of those participants who had expressed interest to be contacted and to further share in-depth about what they felt was the benefit of the forum. 

SuSanA Forum Moderator
Skat Foundation (With financial support by GIZ from June 2021 to June 2023)

Chaiwe Mushauko-Sanderse BSc. NRM, MPH
Independent consultant located in Lusaka, Zambia
Emails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twitter: @ChaiweSanderse

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