New icon for the red category on health & hygiene, schools


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New icon for the red category on health & hygiene, schools

Hi Elisabeth,

I would like the sign of the red cross to be taken out of the Hygiene, health and schools icon. Maybe a symbol without any religious denomination in teh background what do better. Have a look at this link .

Thanks for the effort you put in this.
Best, Lasse
Lasse Roeder
WASH consultant at aliro-consulting (M.Sc. Water- and Environmental Engineering)
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Re: New icon for the red category on health & hygiene, schools

We have in the background been working on a better icon for the "red" category i.e. the one on health & hygiene, schools, prompted by comments by Lasse (above) and Roslyn about the cross not being so great.

Roslyn's feedback was:

RED: the way the red cross is positioned it looks like a cross on top of a church.* I have a feeling that's not what is intended. I would suggest either going back to three icons, so it's on the side, not on top of the building, or adding another symbol (books for school?) (or a different symbol for health: ex. something from a google search: , or the health care symbol: although this seems controversial and what I know from Canada seems not to be widely used outside of North America..)

OK, so now I think we have something much better, I hope you all like it:

The stetoscope symbol at the top symbolises health nicely I think, as almost any doctor - also in poor rural areas - uses a stetoscope. We removed the cross that we had before to symbolise health in case some people see it too closely connected to the Christian faith and therefore not universal; and perhaps too much connected to the Red Cross and emergency situations.

The two children below symbolise school nicely, I think. And it gives it a more human-centred touch than the school building we had before. The children could also stand for healthy, well nourished children (nutrition and WASH) and for hygiene.

As a reminder, this red category has the following sub-categories, so the icon should stand for all of this:
  • Health issues and connections with sanitation
  • - Intestinal worm infections (helminthiasis) and helminth ova measurements
  • Nutrition and WASH
  • Inclusion and disability
  • Hand washing
  • Schools (sanitation and hygiene in schools)
  • - Handwashing activities at schools
  • Menstrual hygiene management
Let me know what you think?


* She was referring to this icon suggestion which we have now discarded:

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Independent consultant located in Ulm, Germany
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