New WG 3 Co-Lead: Introduction of Astrid Michels (GIZ)

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New WG 3 Co-Lead: Introduction of Astrid Michels (GIZ)

Dear SuSanA Working Group 3 members,

I am pleased to support Stefan Reuter as a Co-Lead for WG 3 on Renewable energies and Climate Change.

Please let me introduce myself briefly: I am currently managing a global programme on climate change mitigation at GIZ, the “Water and wastewater companies for climate mitigation” (WaCCliM). I am an aquatic ecologist by training and have specialized in climate change science during a postdoc at Queen’s University (Canada).

I am delighted to be a co-lead for WG 3. Water and climate change are intrinsically linked. The international community is more and more recognizing the key role that water plays in adaption and mitigation to climate change. As such, SuSanA cannot only support the achievement of SDGs by promoting sanitation systems but also support the implementation of the Paris Agenda and ist water related climate targets.

Looking forward to working with you,


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