Sanitation systems

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The focus in this category is on technologies required along the sanitation chain - toilets, transport and treatment (but not reuse as this is in a separate category called "Resource recovery").
Sanitation systems where urine is diverted (i.e. collected separately)
Re: A public urinal for women that ...
by Ecowaters
27 May 2017 21:32
Other toilet types are listed here in alphabetical order
Re: South African Sanitation Techn ...
by SudhirPillay
13 Jun 2017 12:40
This includes anything to do with wet faecal sludge collected from pit latrines, septic tanks or similar on-site sanitation systems
Re: DoVac - a new method for fecal ...
by F H Mughal
20 Jun 2017 12:48
The treatment processes are listed here in alphabetical order
Re: What can we reliably say about ...
by goeco
17 Jun 2017 12:39
Re: Advanced Development of Modula ...
by euisochoi
22 Jun 2017 06:11
Sanitation systems for "unusual" conditions.
Re: Sphere Handbook revisions; The ...
by jonpar
25 May 2017 13:03
Other technology topics are listed here in alphabetical order
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by muench
21 Jun 2017 17:00
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