The treatment processes are listed here in alphabetical order
Systems focusing on anaerobic processes, e.g. UASBs, anaerobic baffled reactors, digesters with animal manure (DEWATS now in separate sub-category)
Methane Gas Explosion at Kansa ...
by F H Mughal
20 Jan 2018 11:03
Re: Excreta valorization by pyroly ...
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Composting (25 topics)

Composting processes for treatment of sludges, excreta, wastewater in piles, boxes or similar (but not composting toilets which are in the sub-category on toilets)
Re: in-vessel composting for faeca ...
by anu123
09 Jun 2017 08:27
Re: Call for Water Professionals t ...
by F H Mughal
31 Dec 2017 08:31
Re: Do you know of any material (m ...
by alexandra85
11 Sep 2017 12:52
Chemical, biotechnology and biological approaches to processing excreta and sludge to render it harmless (for pathogen removal and physico-chemical improvements).
Re: A Machine that turns Feces Int ...
by muench
02 Jun 2017 16:41
Re: Regular septic tanks vs Biodig ...
by bachmanna
19 Jan 2018 02:18
Includes sewage and blackwater treatment using wet composting systems with worms, vermifiltration of greywater (note: toilets using vermidigesters are in the toilet subcategory)
Re: What can we reliably say about ...
by goeco
24 Sep 2017 05:23
Re: Solar treatment of feces? - to ...
by Tore
12 Jan 2018 20:03
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