Posts in relationship to conferences, seminars, workshops, side events, panel discussions etc. can go here. Feedback about the events afterwards is also welcome.
Join WEDC Conference Side Even ...
by habyak
19 Jul 2017 14:05
Here you can advertise upcoming courses or training events on sanitation. Feedback about the courses is also welcome.
Application and Admission -Nat ...
by aagbite
14 Jun 2017 06:47
Re: M.Sc. by research/PhD position ...
by jankn
24 Apr 2017 08:40
This category contains information on sanitation-related webinars, e-discussions, Google hangouts and open conference calls. These may also be posted in the thematic categories.
Preparatory webinar for the An ...
by moserrano
11 Jul 2017 23:50

Other events (8 topics)

Any other events or questions surrounding events that do not match with the sub-categories above can go here.
Live stream on May 31, 2017 - ...
by shobana
30 May 2017 15:53
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