OPEN CALL: Evaluation of RWSN - Call for proposals (ENGLISH ONLY)

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OPEN CALL: Evaluation of RWSN - Call for proposals (ENGLISH ONLY)

Dear Colleagues

2017 marks the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the Handpump Technology Network (HTN), which became RWSN in 2006, under the leadership of the late Piers Cross. We are also coming to the end of the current three year strategy period (2015-2017), so during this year we will be developing a new strategy – and be looking for your inputs. However, the purpose of this message is to present an Open Call for Proposals for an evaluation of RWSN.

Please find the Call and links to relevant documents:

The Call is only available in English and only proposals in English will be accepted.

The deadline is Friday 26th May 2017. Send questions to me by 10th May. I will not answer individual questions, an overall response will be posted soon after the 10th. See the Open Call document for more details.

Thanks for your consideration and please re-post and forward to colleagues and other networks.

Rural Water Supply Specialist

Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)
Secretariat / Sustainable Groundwater Development co-lead

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