SACOSAN VII - Call for papers

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SACOSAN VII - Call for papers

SACOSAN VII - Call for papers

Therese Dooley, Regional Adviser WASH, UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia, Lekhnath Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal, has issued call for papers for SACOSAN VII to be help in Pakistan.

The South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN) is a Government-led biennial convention to provide a platform for interaction on sanitation. The event is held on a rotational basis in each SAARC country; Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
SACOSAN VII is scheduled to be hosted in February 2018 in Pakistan.

The attached flyer gives details of themes, and submission dates. While the name of city is not given, I believe it will be Islamabad, nearly 1.5 hours flying time from Karachi.

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