NEW EVENT: WASH and Climate Justice in South Asia


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NEW EVENT: WASH and Climate Justice in South Asia

Access to water and decent sanitation service is a human right. However, its realisation has always been fraught with challenges which are likely to be magnified as structural injustices intersect with the impacts of the climate crisis. We see this, for instance, with extreme weather events such as droughts and floods and the serious risk they post to Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) infrastructure and access.

This session is part of the  International Centre for Climate Change and Development’s (ICCAD) ‘South Asia Regional Hub’  conference and will discuss how we should re-imagine WASH under conditions of climatic uncertainty to ensure just, inclusive, and sustainable outcomes.
This session focuses on the intersection of climate justice with water and sanitation justice. The speakers will draw on their research in South Asia from the  IDS-led Towards Brown Gold project  and beyond, to deliberate on:
  • Blind spots in the climate change and WASH debate
  • Sector priorities for COP 28 and beyond

👉  Register to attend online

📅 10 October 2023
⏰ 13:00–15:00

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