Toilets on trains and at train stations - how to keep them clean (Pakistan, Thailand)


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Toilets on trains and at train stations - how to keep them clean (Pakistan, Thailand)

Train Toilets

Toilets in homes, hospitals and in schools have been highlighted and discussed on this forum. Toilets in trains, and in the railway stations, have not yet been discussed.

In this country, the train toilets, and toilets at the railway stations, are most pathetic. They are unclean and emit bad odors. The janitorial staff, responsible for their cleaning, is not quite efficient in performing their job. As a result, the toilets are, most of the time, dirty and wretched.

However, a new train service, launched on 15 May 2015, called Greenline trains, have fairly improved toilets. They are cleaned every 2 hours, due to strict top supervision. Many people have appreciated the condition of toilets in Greenline trains.

A unique way has been adopted to keep the Greenline trains’ toilets clean, and to run the trains on time. If the toilets are clean and the train runs on time during a month, then the train staff would get honorarium during that month. And, if the toilets are dirty and the trains are not punctual on their timings, during a month, a certain percentage from the salaries of staff would be deducted during that month. This keeps the staff on their toes!!

Recent news in Bangkok Post ( ) shows that toilets at 77 train stations are being improved. A photograph of toilet, shown in the Bangkok Post article, depicts a picture of very clean and appealing toilet.

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