Webinar: Decentralise it? Wastewater Treatment Options in Jordan (21st August at 13:00 hrs)

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Webinar: Decentralise it? Wastewater Treatment Options in Jordan (21st August at 13:00 hrs)

Decentralise it? Wastewater Treatment Options in Jordan

Despite the severe challenges Jordan was facing during the last years, it has managed to provide approx. 67% with sewerage network. The rest of the population is served by house onsite management systems consisting mainly of cesspits and septic tanks. The collected wastewater is transported at high costs.
Jordan still facing technical and financial challenges related to the demanded increase in wastewater collection and treatment. This also entails the lack of services available for scattered communities in rural and for rapidly expanding peri-urban areas.
The regular faecal contamination of water bodies due to non-existing wastewater treatment or cesspits and septic tanks, which are not sealed properly, require urgent action to safeguard public health, groundwater resources and the environment.

This occurs in a country where legislation in favor of decentralised wastewater management is in place, and where about 85 decentralised wastewater treatment plants are successfully operated.

What are the barriers of fostering the implementation of decentralized wastewater treatment systems and the reuse of treated wastewater thus ensuring adequate sanitation services?

During this webinar, experts from academia, government and the development sector will discuss the following questions:

- Where are decentralized solutions needed?
- Who are the stakeholders actively engaged?
- What is the way forward?

This webinar results from the cooperation between the GIZ global programme ‘Sanitation for Millions’ and the GIZ ‘Decentralised Wastewater Management for Adaptation to Climate Change in Jordan’ Project.

Join the discussion on August 21st, 2019 at 13:00 hrs (Central European Summer Time)
Registration is open now: www.susana.org/en/decentralise-it-wastew...nt-options-in-jordan


Heba Ababneh, GIZ Jordan
Manal Al Shraideh, BORDA, Regional Office for West and Central Asia (WesCA)
Dr. Marc Breulmann, NICE-Office Manager; Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ
Eng. Eynas, Water Authority Jordan(tbd)
Jens Götzenberger, GIZ Jordan

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