Faecal sludge/matter handling safety protocols or guidelines

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Faecal sludge/matter handling safety protocols or guidelines

Greetings from Victoria,
I think this may be the most appropriate topic for this posting (but happy for it to be redirected if moderators think there is another place to house it)...
Anyhow, we are keen to know if anyone knows about faecal sludge/matter handling protocols, guidelines or recommendations out there. No particular application in mind, but this could be for pit emptiers, laboratories analysing samples, facilities treating/conditioning sludge, etc.
There is some literature on conventional wastewater, but not much on faecal sludge/matter.
Thanks in advance,

University of Victoria
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Re: Faecal sludge/matter handling safety protocols or guidelines

Dear Caetano,

There is some good information about this coming out of South Africa (from WRC). Take a look at this thread (or perhaps you had seen it already?) which starts with the situation in Kenya and then moves on to South Africa:

(note: the thread goes over two pages)

Do tell if this is the kind of thing you were looking for or something different?

Oh and we have also this "research" section ("Pit or vault content research and faecal sludge characteristics") but perhaps you have already browsed through there:

Kind regards,

P.S. Is that Victoria in Australia or in Canada? ;-)

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