Kakkaman (Shit-Man) Campaign to ensure safe sanitation


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Kakkaman (Shit-Man) Campaign to ensure safe sanitation

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realise the importance of going beyond cleanliness to achieve total sanitation. This World Toilet Day 2020, meet Tamil Nadu’s own sanitation mascot “Kakkaman” (Shit-man) who will talk about the importance of the Full Cycle of Sanitation(FCS) i.e. safe containment, emptying, transport, treatment and disposal and re-use of fecal sludge or shit!

Kakkaman, designed as a friendly character to be the face of the BCC campaign will bring alive sanitation as an aspirational topic into the public mind, and linking it to quality of life is a necessary precursor to behavior change. The first set of campaign messages will be around creating awareness about FCS, which will be followed by call to action for stakeholders across the FCS, including a joint call to action to join Kakkaman campaign to build a safe Tamil Nadu. The change in behaviour will ensure that stakeholders are aligned to sustain the proper usage of the infrastructure and enabling environment for FSM in Tamil Nadu.

Aligned to this, a social media campaign to engage with the public and promote key messages on achieving safe sanitation through a series of posters, polls, quizzes, competitions and stakeholder interviews is ongoing on @TNUSSP handles  Twitter Facebook YouTube  and  Instagram.   An interesting musical short film  , which has Kakkaman conveying the idea of full cycle of sanitation is being released on social media by  sanitation organisations and social media influencers.

Shaktiman, Superman, Ironman and Batman have been immortalised and now it is time to give Kakkaman his due!

Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit tnussp.co.in to know more!
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