Resource recovery

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The focus in this category is on technological, institutional and social aspects surrounding resource recovery from sanitation systems, be it for fertiliser, soil conditioner, water, fuel, electricity or biomass.
Ideas, questions, examples and suggestions about reuse of human excreta as well as soil conditioner produced from human excreta.
The sanitation and urban agric ...
by marianacchrispim
26 Nov 2017 16:37
Includes topics around black solider fly larvae (or other edible insects) fed with waste and excreta; animal protein production from waste and manure; legal aspects
Re: Processing Biowaste with Black ...
by argonzalez
30 Oct 2017 16:04
Wastewater/water reuse - Water ...
by campbelldb
22 Aug 2017 15:43
Technologies and business models to optimise the financial value recoverable from excreta and faecal sludge, such as nutrients, energy products and water.
Re: Calculation of N and P from di ...
by muench
08 Dec 2017 02:29
New WHO guidance document for ...
by JKMakowka
18 Oct 2017 09:08
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