Looking for Chinese Sanitation Cases - Help

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Looking for Chinese Sanitation Cases - Help


My name is Olivier Chaput and I work to promote and developt Sustainable Sanitation in Belgium. Next month we will be working with the city of Louvain-la-Neuve in the contexte of the Universal Week of Water and Climat. Since the University is connected to China, they would like to present some Demonstration Case or Eco-Design from China.

I had in mind that there was some neightborood that were eco-concieved but I can't find anymore picture or videos.

Could you recommend me some documents/projects? Thank you

Olivier Chaput
Responsable Recherche et développement d'alternatives
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Re: Looking for Chinese Sanitation Cases - Help

Dear Olivier,
Have you already checked the four SuSanA case studies from China?
See here:

You will also find a lot of stuff by putting "China" into the general search field at the top right of the SuSanA website ( www.susana.org ). I think many people don't know this general search field yet: it searches simultaneously the entire SuSanA website, library and all posts on this discussion forum. Very useful.

Good luck!

Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
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