Contact in Kampala

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Contact in Kampala

I'll be in Uganda in late May, I work with issues of sustainable sanitation in Bolivia, and want to meet and make contact with some Organisations in Kampala.

If someone can send me some information, Thanks
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Re: Contact in Kampala

UWASNET, the umbrella organization for WASH NGOs which I support as a technical advisor can probably help, even though you could probably also get in contact with some people on this board that are working in Uganda on the topic directly.

The local representatives from Water for People and Dr. Charles Niwagaba from SSWARS/Makerere University are also worth talking to regarding the topic.

Otherwise there in the government's Appropriate Technology Centre in a suburb of Kampala, that is also a good starting point.

Maybe you could explain in more detail what the purpose of the visit is?

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Re: Contact in Kampala

Hi R Silveti

Welcome to Africa.

Count yourself lucky as you will be destined to one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa.Again Ugandans are very friendly, courteous and helpful.You will be in good hands.

I have a list of people who could be of assistance.Please get in touch for the contacts through my address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kind regards / Mwaniki

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