Transfer Tanks in dense slum area - for primarily pit latrine waste in dense settlements of Nairobi

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Transfer Tanks in dense slum area

Hi All

I am working on a project to trial transfer stations for primarily pit latrine waste in dense settlements of Nairobi. We are hoping to acquire a new site at the drain where the manual emptiers already bring their waste at a rate of approx 10m3/day. We are finding ~5% solids.

In order to build some trust with local officials, we'll be first running a basic transfer station model where we collect the waste in a tank, and exhaust. Though over time, we would like to dewater on site; and ideally send liquids to the sewer network (in an ideal world we might just dump all of the waste in there after some screening).

The sewer network is unpredictable in its function so in the near term (and maybe beyond) it would be preferable to deal with the liquids on site. Though this quite a swampy area with a dense population. That said, we may manage to acquire ~30m2+ for our set-up and the existing site is at a bit of a distance to the surrounding communities (~500m).

It may also be of interest to dewater in a mobile manner and transport the liquids to a functioning sewer (subject to lots of negotiation of course!)

I know that space constraints will mean expensive solutions to dewatering and effluent disposal; but I am interested to hear them...if you have any that are tried and tested. I am looking at some package treatment plants but struggling to decipher one from another and ascertain how they will deal with our relatively potent faecal sludge.

Apologies for the rather vague problem statement but I don't want to rule out any options just yet!

Many thanks,

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