Introducing Tippy tap Kenya (handwashing at schools)

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Introducing Tippy tap Kenya (handwashing at schools)

Hand wash in schools sustainability has been a challenge for it means hand wash facilities must be enough, functional, Include soap, water and be used habitually.
Tippy tap Kenya as an organization we have been working on a solution to barriers of handwashing behaviour at school level for over two years now that has led us to come up with an invention that has not only proved to be fun when used by pupils but also Curb the barriers observed in WASH
I pleased to introduce you to the tippy tap wash house that is operated hands free by foot to dispense water and liquid soap used in washing hands. The used water goes through a filtration chamber then channeled to A reservoir where its re used in other cleaning chores like mopping classes, cleaning and flushing toilets hence cut on water costs and wastage by up to 90%.
The station holds multiple dispensers customed to school population with full metallic features guarantees years of durability with minimal maintenance.
We highly recommend this facility to be adopted in school setting.


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Re: Introducing Tippy tap Kenya (handwashing at schools)

Dear Kennedy,

I've looked around your website a bit. The work you are doing is so important!
I found out that:

Tippy tap-Kenya is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to promote best hygiene practices and access to hand-washing stations with soap & water by installing tippy tap ,plus supply soaps and initiate programs with health coordinators and committees comprising of teachers, students, parents and the community at large.

( )

What I couldn't figure out is what this green structure is that you seem to have built over the tippy tap stands. Is that to reduce vandalism?
Have you had issues with vandalism or negligence of your facilities?

We've had a discussion about tippy taps at school here:

A few people said they are too flimsy and break too easily. The group handwashing stations by "Fit for School" might be better, see here:

What do you think of that device?
And how is your work funded?


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E-mail me to get involved: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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  • Hand washing with soap and water can be considered as a "do-it-yourself vaccine"
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Re: Fwd: Introducing Tippy tap Kenya (handwashing at schools)

Dear Elisabeth.

Thanks for your attention and views.

I do agree with the forum that indeed traditional Tippy taps are not sustainable in a school setting and is the reason for three years now we have been upgrading and re-inventing the traditional taps.

Fourteen schools later I have arrived to an invention that has proved to curb barriers of hand washing behavior at school level hence named it 'The Wash House'

We experienced vandalism, negligence by school management, etc and today thanks i am confident to say we have a facility that can stand all barriers with minimum supervision hence fit for a school setting as standardized hand wash facility for schools

The green covering is made of metallic sheet but our final design that we will be launching officially later in the month is made of brick and mortar thus more sustainable.

currently i have been personally funding my initiative with help of few friends and soon we will be seeking funds to fully implement the project.

Attached files expounds more on the facility and i am sure it does surpass the device fit for school you mentioned.

your views are treasured, ill be glad to answer any questions and kindly keep me posted.



Clean hands healthy nation
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Re: Fwd: Introducing Tippy tap Kenya (handwashing at schools)

Dear Kennedy,

If you would like to run a pilot project with SpaTap please let me know

On first glance, to the uneducated eye, a SpaTap attached to a 1.5-litre bottle can look similar to a tippy tap. However, the SpaTap is a powerful pocket-sized tool and is completely different on many levels.

This document will clearly explain the major difference between the SpaTap Portable tap and a Tippy Tap.
They are in no way the same please see points below and read why SpaTap is far superior to a tippy tap.

1> SpaTap dispenses water in 3 different ways whereas the tippy tap doesn't, it only allows one flow of water.
- This means you can make the smallest amount of water go a long way, which is necessary for water-scarce communities.
e.g 67 handwashes with soap from 1.5 litres of water when used in water saving mode.
- SpaTap can dispense a big jet of water if required, a tippy tap can't
- SpaTap can provide a free flow of water like a tap or you can tease out a tiny bit depending on your requirements and amount of water available.
2> SpaTap can be attached to many different bottles and containers. For e.g a 19-litre bottle will dispense over 2000 handwashes with Soap, this is perfect for schools, communities, etc. Tippy tap does not supply 2000 handwashes.
- SpaTap keeps the integrity of the bottle intact, some tippy taps require puncturing the bottle which leads to contamination or mosquito larvae being bred in the bottle.
3> There are many iterations of the tippy tap but all of them require a place to set up the tippy taps. This space is demarcated and you have to go to the tippy taps wherever they are set up. In contrast, SpaTap is stand alone and can be hung anywhere or moved as in the case where SpaTap is used by midwives on the beaches of Europe to wash and clean newly born babies in makeshift hospitals on the beach. There are no other water sources available on a beach and SpaTap provides multiply running water sources wherever the taps are needed. Using tippy taps in this situation would be impossible.
Tippy taps are not moveable once set up and cannot be easily relocated without a great deal of fuss. SpaTaps can be relocated in seconds.
4> SpaTap is a dedicated tap and can be instantly set up in the humblest homes, this means children and family members can access water easily anywhere. In contrast, tippy taps are not usually inside the home, they are usually outside.
5> Tippy taps are cumbersome pieces of equipment some have foot pedal mechanisms and they cant be moved easily, in contrast, SpaTap is very easy to install and use.
6> Children can and do install and maintain SpaTaps, the learning curve is very quick, whereas normally adults are needed to build Tippy taps. A roster is also put in place for maintenance and filling the bottles, this creates behaviour change in 3 days. This is a proven fact.
7> SpaTap makes handwashing fun for children and is a proven nudge for behaviour change. Tippy taps are not fun and look ugly.
8>SpaTap can be used in conjunction with the SODIS solar disinfection technique perfected by Swiss scientists, this means UV treated water for drinking and washing. Tippy taps do not and are never used in this way and SODIS is never used.
9> People & especially children actually don't like using tippy taps, they have to as there is nothing else available, whereas a SpaTap is a dedicated tap. To prove this take the SpaTap challenge. Set up a tippy tap and a SpaTap and watch and wait. The queue of children to wash their hand's forms behind the SpaTap, not the tippy tap.
10> Tippy taps are known for green algae and sludge which can be difficult to clean and actually puts people off using them, whereas SpaTap can easily be cleaned whilst using it.
11> SpaTap is UV stable, food grade, Water potable. Tippy Taps are not.
12> SpaTap is a dedicated tap, a tippy tap is an awkward contraption that once set up has to stay where it is.
13> A Blue SpaTap and Red SpaTap can be hung in a kitchen and used by colour coding, Red for hot water, Blue for cold water. SpaTap can be used to wash dishes as in a regular western house. In contrast, tippy taps are not used in kitchens as they are cumbersome and mechanical and run out of water very quickly making them very inefficient.
14> A SpaTap can be carried in a pocket or by a small child, in disaster situations this ease of mobility is critical. Tippy taps cannot be carried in your pocket.
15> A SpaTap is a cool and desirable product. A tippy tap is not cool, simple as that.
16 > SpaTap has been assessed by expert WASH panels and has taken first prize in WATER4AFRICA 2015 beating 470 international entrants and is first prize winner of Australian Aids Humanitarian supplies challenge 2017. The tippy tap is not a winner of these and that is for a reason.
17> SpaTap can dispense saline and be used in medical situations, Tippy taps do not dispense saline for medical situations.
18> SpaTaps have an ingenious Soap caddy by utilising the base of the inverted bottle or by using the hanging straps. Tippy taps do not have a built-in soap caddy.
19 > SpaTap can be installed by a child in 10 seconds. In contrast, a tippy tap cannot and it normally takes an adult or 2 to set one up.
20 > SpaTaps can be colour coded to delineate different uses. e.g orange hang outside the toilet, Red/blue in the kitchen. Clear in the first aid kit.
21> SpaTap can be used by hand or hung in a toilet to wash the bottom just after taking a poo whilst in the squatting position. A tippy tap cannot be brought into a toilet and used to wash the bum after a poo whilst squatting. This is a very common way of cleaning the bottom for billions of people.
22> SpaTap is high-quality German silicone, UV stable and the longevity is over 40+ years if used correctly. A tippy tap will not last 40 years.
23> SpaTap does not require a foot pedal or other cumbersome attachments or fittings.
24> SpaTap will dispense a 15-minute flow of water from a 1.5-litre bottle of water and a 2 hour and 36-minute flow of water from a 15-litre bottle of water. The tippy tap cannot achieve these results.
A 19-litre bottle of water and a SpaTap will provide over 2000 handwashes with soap and can be installed in 30 seconds by children.
25> SpaTap is a tap for people in the 21st Century that don't have access to their own tap.

SpaTap is used in recreation, long-term development and disaster relief by individuals, schools, NGO's and Government Disaster Relief Agencies. SpaTap is a dedicated tap for washing, hands, food, children, pets, wounds and is far better than using the tippy tap.

We have between 10 to 16 taps in the average western home and 200- 300 taps in the schools, depending on their size and number of students. Why can't people in developing countries have taps in their home and schools as well?
Why do they have to walk to a clumsy mechanical tippy tap simply to wash their hands?

The communities we work with don't have access to plumbed in main water as in most western countries. These communities will never have pressurised plumbed in mains water. Are they to only ever use a tippy tap? In the 21st century, SpaTap aims to make real access to water. Water on tap.

If you need to save water, access handwashing, create behaviour change in 3 days and a need low-cost implementation then please view our solution that is changing the world.

Water scarce schools experience handwashing behaviour change in 3 days, children take ownership and install and maintain the SpaTap portable taps, please watch the video to see how effective this is and share it with relevant colleagues that are seeking a solution.

YOUTUBE video here:

Google drive to view videos, brochure, and info:
website address is:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
MOB +61 (0)408 847 177
1st prize winner Water4Africa Standard Bank 2015
1st prize winner Australian Humanitarian Supplies Challenge 2017
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Re: Introducing Tippytap-Kenya


i concur that indeed compared to traditional tippy taps the spataps have merits and its the reason we came up with the wash house hand wash facility to be adopted as a standardised facility in schools . .

kindly help me understand how in a school setting the spatap stackles the issues of;-

- Drainage - overcrowding - soap disapearance and wastage - tear and wear - water refilling - vandalism and negligence - user height factor

and finnaly how many schools are they in operation and for how long for i wouldnt mind to run a pilot here in Nairobi.

Thank you and keep me posted.



Clean hands healthy nation
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