SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) - Project Updates (Shit Flow Diagrams)

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Re: SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) Update 3

Dear SuSanA Forum Users,
The SFD PI ( sfd.susana.org/ ) would like to wish SuSanA a Happy 10th Birthday and to update you on our recent activities and news.

Join us at FSM 4!
The SFD PI team will be in Chennai, India for FSM 4, please come and join us at one of our events.

SFDs in the News
SFDs are mainstreaming in India! Two articles have been published that use and mention SFD in relation to faecal sludge management. The first article was in the Down To Earth magazine and highlights faecal sludge management in the towns and cities on the River Ganges www.downtoearth.org.in/coverage/blind-sp...n-namami-gange-56619 .
The second was in the Times of India and illustrates the use of SFDs as an advocacy tools blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/toi-ed...-the-waste-business/

Resources Updates
Our new Graphics Generator is now online sfd.susana.org/data-to-graphic and short tutorial on how to use it can be found here:

On the 18th January a SFD PI webinar was hosted by SuSanA. It included an update on our activities in India by Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla from CSE, a guided tour of the new Graphics Generator by Prof. Barbara Evans from the University of Leeds, and a review of our helpdesk by Dr Susanne Bieker from GIZ. This webinar can now be viewed:

New Reports
Three new SFD city reports have been published on our website:
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia sfd.susana.org/sfd-worldwide/cities/49
Holleta, Ethiopia sfd.susana.org/sfd-worldwide/cities/23
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia sfd.susana.org/sfd-worldwide/cities/9

Other Stuff
Lara Fernandez Martinez an MSc student from the Water Engineering and Development Centre at Loughborough University (UK), successfully defended her thesis on “Using the Shit/Excreta Flow Diagrams (SFDs) - for modelling future scenarios in Kumasi, Ghana” www.susana.org/en/resources/library/details/2688

You can also follow our latest news on Twitter @SFD_PI
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kind regards

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