SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) - Project Updates (Shit Flow Diagrams)

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Re: SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) Update 3

Dear SuSanA Forum Users,
The SFD PI ( sfd.susana.org/ ) would like to wish SuSanA a Happy 10th Birthday and to update you on our recent activities and news.

Join us at FSM 4!
The SFD PI team will be in Chennai, India for FSM 4, please come and join us at one of our events.

SFDs in the News
SFDs are mainstreaming in India! Two articles have been published that use and mention SFD in relation to faecal sludge management. The first article was in the Down To Earth magazine and highlights faecal sludge management in the towns and cities on the River Ganges www.downtoearth.org.in/coverage/blind-sp...n-namami-gange-56619 .
The second was in the Times of India and illustrates the use of SFDs as an advocacy tools blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/toi-ed...-the-waste-business/

Resources Updates
Our new Graphics Generator is now online sfd.susana.org/data-to-graphic and short tutorial on how to use it can be found here:

On the 18th January a SFD PI webinar was hosted by SuSanA. It included an update on our activities in India by Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla from CSE, a guided tour of the new Graphics Generator by Prof. Barbara Evans from the University of Leeds, and a review of our helpdesk by Dr Susanne Bieker from GIZ. This webinar can now be viewed:

New Reports
Three new SFD city reports have been published on our website:
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia sfd.susana.org/sfd-worldwide/cities/49
Holleta, Ethiopia sfd.susana.org/sfd-worldwide/cities/23
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia sfd.susana.org/sfd-worldwide/cities/9

Other Stuff
Lara Fernandez Martinez an MSc student from the Water Engineering and Development Centre at Loughborough University (UK), successfully defended her thesis on “Using the Shit/Excreta Flow Diagrams (SFDs) - for modelling future scenarios in Kumasi, Ghana” www.susana.org/en/resources/library/details/2688

You can also follow our latest news on Twitter @SFD_PI
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kind regards

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Re: SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) Update 4

Dear SuSanA Forum Users,

The SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) would like to update you on our most recent activities and news.

Event reports

The SFD PI team were in Chennai, India in February attending FSM4. We would like to say a special thank you to all those who joined us at our workshop. It was encouraging to see so many SFDs in posters and presentations. Check out the SFD PI presentations from Barbara Evans on the Lessons learned from developing SFDs at scale and from Suresh Rohilla on Institutional Capacity Building of Ganga Basin Cities on the FSM4 website . Be sure to have a look at the compilation of case studies that is available on that website, in which SFDs have also been used.

University of Leeds supported a workshop in Nairobi on May 5th where[/instagram] the new SFD graphic generator was used in an interactive workshop with 30 people from Nairobi City Water, the County Government, Civil Society and Private Sector and a first draft of an SFD Graphic was produced for the city using the new generator. This was very successful. There will now be a three month consultation period, with two consultants provided by African Population and Health Research Council (with funding from BMGF) and Sanergy supporting the preparation of a full SFD including a Service Delivery Assessment. University of Leeds will continue to back stop this process.

Resources Updates

We are happy to announce that our first set of FAQs has been successfully uploaded to the SFD portal. You can visit the page at sfd.susana.org/faq to find out what people have been asking us about SFDs!

The SFD PI has developed a review procedure with the aim of ensuring transparency and credibility of SFD Reports by evaluating the credibility of the sources used to develop the report. This process will allow authors to have their SFD Reports reviewed as a prerequisite for publishing the report to the SFD web portal. The document has been compiled and can be found in the SFD toolbox .


In May/June Oscar Veses will be in Babati, Tanzania to help prepare an SFD as part of a DFID SHARE research activity looking at sustainable urban sanitation, in partnership with WaterAid. After that he will travel to Kafue in Zambia to support them in preparing an SFD as a tool to explore equity and effective services as part of a REACH research initiative funded by the DFID REACH project in partnership with LSHTM.

In June UofL will support a series of capacity building workshops in Ethiopia in partnership with WaterAid and Yorkshire Water, working with secondary towns to review SFD reports and develop action plans for follow up improvements in service delivery. This will culminate in a national workshop in Addis Ababa. UofL will coordinate with Christ Heymans at the World Bank to see if this can contribute to the ongoing World Bank support to cities.

Version 2.0 of the SFD Graphic generator is now complete and will be made available online in the coming weeks.

We anticipate 5 new SFD Reports to be published on our website soon.

The SFD PI has been working hard to improve and update the SFD manual and a new version is close to finalization. This will soon be made available on the SFD portal.

Did you miss us at FSM4? Well not to worry, we’ll be hosting a Capacity Development Workshop at the 40th WEDC Conference in Loughborough, England on the 28th of July and hope you can make it! For more information on the conference please visit: wedc.lboro.ac.uk/conference/40/ .

Other Stuff

We are sad to announce the departure of Claire Furlong as part of the SFD PI team. Her contributions have been a great benefit to this team and, undeniably, she will be deeply missed here. We wish her all the best with her work at UNESCO-IHE!

Are you interested in joining the SFD PI team? WEDC are currently accepting applications for the position of Research Associate in Urban Sanitation. More information can be found here: forum.susana.org/20-jobs-consultancies-i...orough-university-uk .

You can also follow our latest news on Twitter @SFD_PI
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kind regards


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Re: SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) Update 5

Dear SuSanA Forum Users,

The SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) ( sfd.susana.org) would like to update you on our most recent activities and news.

Events Reports

The SFD PI team were at Loughborough University, England in July attending the 40th WEDC International Conference. We would like to say a special thank you to all those who joined us at any of our events and workshops. SFDs featured throughout the week and some highlights included:

  • The Translating Sanitation Tool Results to Policy side event co-hosted by the Center for Science and Environment
  • Isabel Blackett, Peter Hawkins and Rebecca Scott’s capacity development workshop on City-wide Sanitation Advocacy and Planning: tools for FSM diagnostics and project planning
  • The SFD PI’s capacity development workshop on how to create your own SFD

Photo 1: WEDC Conference Participants in the make your own SFD workshop present the SFD they developed through the group exercise (Photo credit: Rod Shaw, WEDC).

Resources Updates

Latest SFD Graphic Generator: We are happy to announce that the latest version of the SFD Graphic Generator is now available both online and offline. This version is ready for download and comes with a feature that allows you to keep working on and save your SFD even when you aren’t connected to the web. You can find the download link here .
The online Graphic Generator is available here .

Revised SFD Manual (How to make an SFD): Version 2.0 of the SFD Manual Volumes 1 and 2 was launched at the WEDC conference and is now available online in the SFD toolbox. Alongside the release, the SFD Report Template has been updated to align with the changes in the Manual and features a new context-adapted SFD option. sfd.susana.org/toolbox/how-to-make-a-sfd

SFDs Worldwide

Reports from Ethiopia and Tanzania

Barbara and Oscar from the University of Leeds were in Ethiopia from June 18-28 to develop two capacity development workshops. Working in collaboration with WaterAid Ethiopia and Yorkshire Water, they are supporting the development of a faecal sludge management (FSM) plan for 20 Ethiopian cities. The workshops focused on exploring local contexts and challenges to FSM, sharing global experiences of FSM and the SFD tool to develop a Sanitation Business Plans (SBPs). They also held a national advocacy and influencing meeting and a high-level meeting with a representative of the Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Electricity in Addis Ababa.

Photo 2: Capacity Workshop in Bahir Dar with WaterAid Ethiopia and Yorkshire Water (Photo credit: Mr. Haile Dinku, WaterAid Ethiopia)

Oscar was also in Babati, Tanzania developing an Initial SFD and setting the first steps to develop a sanitation business plan for the city. An immediate action plan was developed which outlined five key measures that need to be prioritized. There is also a proposal for a three-day capacity development workshop to strengthen the commitment at the city level to improve the sanitation situation.

Report from Bolivia

Cecilia, from GIZ, travelled to Bolivia , to build capacities for preparing SFDs. She introduced the approach to key stakeholders and together with GIZ local staff have prepared an SFD for Tarija. Another three SFDs are planned to be used to improve coordination between actors in the delivery of sanitation services. On the occasion, key supporting documents for the preparation of SFDs were translated into Spanish including the SFD Graphic , the selection grid and a presentation which altogether can provide guidance in Spanish on how to make an SFD. Additionally, in partnership with AGUATUYA, an NGO based in Cochabamba, she introduced the SFD approach and the available tools to SuSanA partner organizations in the region... The translated documents are available in draft formats and can be requested at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Report from Zambia

In July, Prit Salian and Dominik Giese, consultants on behalf of GIZ, have delivered a training for the development of SFDs in Zambia. The activities were carried out in cooperation with the GIZ bilateral programme in Zambia in the context of district sanitation planning. A two-day workshop was organized in Chipata with active participation from local government (Mayor of Chipata City, Town Clerk and four other representatives of the Chipata City Council), representatives of local NGOs, representatives from Ministry of Health, General Education and Forestry. The response towards the SFD presentation was positive with many questions being asked on the use and relevance of the concept in gaining political support at the local level, its use as a framework for data collection on faecal sludge management and establishing a baseline leading to situational analysis.

Photo 3: District Planning Workshop in Chipata, Zambia (Photo credit GFA, GIZ water programme Zambia)

Report from India

Today, CSE in India launched an online course on Faecal Sludge Management that has attracted over 45 participants, 50 percent of which come from Government. Participants on this course will complete a module that is based on SFDs.


Did you miss us at the WEDC International Conference? Well not to worry, the SFD PI will be at the SuSanA booth (No.44) during the Stockholm World Water Week between 27th August and 1st September in Stockholm, Sweden. If you are interested in finding out more about SFDs and SuSanA then we hope to see you there!

Recent experiences with SFDs will also be presented in the sessions:

26 August; Saturday at 25th SuSanA Meeting (SEI) – this meeting will be streamed
SFDs in the context of local realities and processes, input by Peter Hawkins. Meeting Agenda

27 August; Sunday at SWWW
Safely managed sanitation in small towns: lessons from recent experiences - 14.00-15.30 | Room: FH 307
Safely managed sanitation in small towns : key challenges under scrutiny - 16.00-17.30 | Room: FH 307

28 August: Monday
Operationalizing citywide inclusive sanitation: Right tools? Right use? - 16:00 – 17:30 | Room: NL Music Hall / Musiksalen

For more information on the conference please visit: www.worldwaterweek.org/

Any other business

Peter Hawkins is involved in some interesting work that is looking at how the concept of SFDs could be extended to map pathogen flows. The work is being led by the Institute for Sustainable Futures in Australia and members include SNV, University of North Carolina, University of Leeds, University of Technology Sydney (ISF), Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor, World Health Organization and Emory University. These ideas will be discussed in the "Operationalizing citywide inclusive sanitation: Right tools? Right use?" event at SIWI (see above).

You can also follow our latest news on Twitter @SFD_PI
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kind regards

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Re: SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) Update 6

SFD-PI Update 6
November 2017

Dear SuSanA Forum Users,
The SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) (sfd.susana.org) would like to update you on our most recent activities and news.

Global Call for SFDs!
The SFD PI is proud to announce a global call for SFDs. Have you started preparing your own SFDs using the SFD Graphic Generator? Have you completed it? Where do you stand?
After a period of refinement and testing the tools for the production of SFDs (see below for more information), we would like to invite and encourage you to use out. We would like to give an extra push, so you can have your SFDs ready and used in your processes.
You can find the call for SFDs here: sfd.susana.org/news-events/events/108-global-call-for-sfds

Events Reports

Stockholm World Water Week
The SFD-PI was present in Stockholm this year and contributed to several activities and sessions:
• We organized the ‘SFD Exchange’ at the SuSanA booth between the 27th August and the 1st of September. Here are the presentations:


• In the double session “Safely managed sanitation in small towns: lessons from recent experiences and key challenges under scrutiny”, a couple of local experiences with SFDs were shared, amongst then, the experience of WaterAid on building capacity for urban sanitation planning in Ethiopia:

• The session Operationalizing citywide inclusive sanitation: Right tools? Right use? addressed effectiveness and impact of certain tools, including SFDs at the city level. Link to documentation: citywideinclusivesanitation.wordpress.com/news/

Resources Updates
Here is a collection of new resources available on our website:

The offline Graphic Generator
To complement the online Graphic Generator, an offline version (available for Mac and Windows) is now available! It will allow you to work on your SFD graphic even when you are not online, or when your internet is weak.
Mac: sfd.susana.org/graphic-generator/offlineversion/macosx
Windows: sfd.susana.org/graphic-generator/offlineversion/windows

New SFD lite template
We are now providing an alternative to the three levels of SFD reporting explained in detail in the SFD Manual, the SFD Lite. The SFD Lite is a simplified reporting template that summarises just the key information underlying your SFD graphic.

New Review Procedure
The Review Procedure provides guidelines for SFD authors that would like to have their SFD reviewed by the SFD PI. The standardised review procedure offers you the possibility for having your work reviewed by peers and ensures that SFD graphics and reports meet some basic criteria and are of high quality. Finally, it enables you to have your SFD published on the SFD Portal contributing to the better understanding of excreta management worldwide.

Source evaluation tool
The source evaluation tool is a tool that supports you in assessing the quality and credibility of the data sources used for preparing your SFD.

User’s check list
The User’s Checklist is a rapid assessment on your work, done by yourself. It consists of 16 questions.

The SFD-PI also produced two videos presenting the SFDs and their uses.
CSE video:

Indonesia videos:

SFDs Worldwide

India: Advocacy
CSE has been conducting Advocacy activities in India, promoting SFDs and the need for faecal sludge management.
• Meeting with Principal Secretary of Uttar Pradesh on 24/08/2017
• CSE advocating FSM for non-sewered town/cities of UP at ‘Swachta hi Sewa’; dated: 19/09/2017

South Africa: Workshop Excreta Flow Diagram: A Sanitation Planning Tool (21 September 2017)
This workshop provided a background to the tool, how it aids sanitation planning, how to prepare one, and case examples. The WRC with the assistance of its stakeholders aims to apply the tool and its standardised methodology in South Africa with the ultimate objective of performing a national diagnosis of excreta management and establishing the regional capacity within South Africa to prepare high-quality excreta flow graphics.
CSE, one of the partners of the initiative, introduced the tool and provided training on how to prepare an SFD for their province, city or town.

Bangladesh: Faecal Sludge and septage management training, Bangladesh (06-09 November 2017)
CSE and Water Aid Bangladesh (WAB) jointly organised a 3-days training programme for capacity building of practitioners, academicians and government officials from Bangladesh on Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM). The goal was to create an enabling environment for mainstreaming FSSM in Bangladesh and across South Asia.

The University of Leeds provided online support on the REACH program: “A situational analysis of the water security, sanitation and hygiene status of Kafue district”, including the development of a SFD for the city of Kafue (Zambia), in collaboration with the University of Zambia, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Centre for Infectious Disease Research on Zambia.

Mali: Make your own SFD training
As part of the RASOP project from the African Water Association, ten participants from five mentee cities and two from two mentor cities attended a training in Bamako on Shit Flow Diagrams. The trainers from GIZ and WEDC gave them the tools and methodology needed to produce their own SFD.


Live Q&A session on the SFD Tools and Methods (4th December 2017)
The SFD Promotion Initiative is glad to invite you for the “Live Q&A session on the SFD Tools and Methods”. Please join us December 4th, 2018 at 14:00 CET.
We would like to provide you with first-hand information that will ease the production of SFDs. This session is part of the ‘Call for SFDs’, an initiative to encourage and foster the production of SFDs worldwide. In this live session, the SFD Promotion Initiative will be happy to present you the most recent versions of the guidance documents, including the SFD Manual – volume 1 and 2 and the SFD Review Procedure. We will then answer all the questions you may have about SFDs. Please join us!
Registration link: www.susana.org/en/sfd-question-session

New SFD Reports
CSE has prepared comprehensive SFD reports of 10 Ganga basin cities (Chunar, Gangaghat, Katihar, Muzzafarpur, Ramnagar, Bansberia, Bijnor, Bodhgaya, Bongaon, Buxar). They have been submitted and will soon be one the webpage.

Review Panel Meeting, Leeds (14-15 December 2017)
The University of Leeds will host the SFD review panel. The SFD team will review new reports from different regions with the main objective of assessing and optimising the new review procedure and making the results of assessments available to a wider audience.

Any other business

SFDs at FSM toolbox
Since early October, the SFD approach composes the suite of tools available in the FSM Toolbox, developed by the Asian Institute of Technology ( www.fsmtoolbox.com/view-all-tools/?first-filter=tools )

SFDs at the MEDS Annual Convening 2017
Arne Panesar (GIZ) on behalf of the SFD PI has presented and discussed the SFD approach at the convening The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on November 6-10, 2017, in Patna, India. The annual convening of Foundation gathers grantees and partners engaged in developing, exploring and testing sanitation service delivery. The focus of the convening is on sharing and learning and the location that is selected each year offers opportunities for field visits and local engagement.

University of Leeds has recently started working on a separate project in partnership with BMGF. The CACTUS project is looking at costs of urban sanitation systems.
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