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TOPIC: Elimination of Manual Scavenging

Elimination of Manual Scavenging 16 Mar 2017 06:14 #20869

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"Elimination of dry latrines/ sewers/ septic tanks/sewage appurtances/ sewage treatment plants and manual scavenging and the rehabilitation of manual scavengers in alternate occupations in has been an area of high priority for the Indian Government.
Despite the concerted efforts made in the past to eliminate the dehumanizing practice of manual scavenging, the practice still persists in various parts of the country. Existing laws have not proved adequate in eliminating the twin evils of insanitary latrines and manual scavenging from the country. These evils are inconsistent with the right to live with dignity which is an essence of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed in Part III of the Constitution.
1. As on today no developed manual on confined entry program / Occupational Safety and Health - OSHA- exists in India for sewer workers.
2. Besides available Personal Protection Equipment - PPE- are conventional with little modernization.
3. Indian Sanitation sector has separated/partially separated/ combined sewerage systems in OFF SITE SANITATION and Latrines/ septic tanks in ON-SITE SANITATION methods.
Owing to these several in human practices as well deaths are happening in Indian Sanitation Sector.
a ) What are all the Technological Solutions available for the above " Elimination of Manual Scavenging "
b )how the other global nations solved these issues ?
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