"Cultural imprinting" or what can we learn from commercial advertisements?

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"Cultural imprinting" or what can we learn from commercial advertisements?

Interesting article here:

Cultural imprinting is the mechanism whereby an ad, rather than trying to change our minds individually, instead changes the landscape of cultural meanings — which in turn changes how we are perceived by others when we use a product. Whether you drink Corona or Heineken or Budweiser "says" something about you. But you aren't in control of that message; it just sits there, out in the world, having been imprinted on the broader culture by an ad campaign. It's then up to you to decide whether you want to align yourself with it. Do you want to be seen as a "chill" person? Then bring Corona to a party.

Read the full article, but this might also give some interesting ideas for sanitation marketing, even though it might suffer a similar fate as the bed-sheet example...

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