Proposal for a name change for Working Group 4 to "Sanitation Systems and Technology Options"?

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Proposal for a name change for Working Group 4 to Sanitation Systems and Technology Options?

Dear Working Group 4 members and leads,

Firstly, welcome to Alexandra and Sudhir for being new working group co-leads! (their introduction was here: )

This Working Group 4 is the biggest of all of SuSanA's working groups with currently 5200 members. Interesting, and encouraging to see, that so many of our members have signed up for this topic.

I am wondering if now would be a good time to discuss with the leads and members a possible name change. The current name is "Sanitation systems, hygiene and health". I am proposing:
Sanitation Systems and Technology Options
i.e. to drop the "hygiene and health" part from the title and to focus on technologies. Hygiene is more likely to be covered now in Working Group 13 on behavior change.
What do you all think of this suggestion?

We should perhaps also discuss the objectives of this working group. This earlier thread where we discussed the objectives of all of SuSanA's working groups could be useful for that:

Is there going to be a Working Group 4 meeting at the Stockholm World Water Week in August? Please also keep those in the loop that cannot make it to Stockholm (including myself). Thanks.


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