Period panties - period proof underwear - innovative product and marketing

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Period panties

Hi all,

Have you heard about period panties?

There are some different brands around. They are unfortunately a bit expensive but with time I am sure many women will start using panties that function as pads during light flow days.

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Re: Period panties

Where are the panties manufactured and where the market has reached now? Can you please explain more on the panties, materials used, how it works, if it is reusable or not, comfortability to the users and alike?
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Re: Period panties - period proof underwear - innovative product and marketing

I heard for the first time about this "period proof underwear" about two weeks ago, and have meanwhile checked it out with a few female friends who saids it's great either for themselves or for their daughters.
And here I was thinking I knew about all products related to menstrual hygiene! Not so - this one is new and innovative.

I also very much like their approach to fun, no-nonsense, taboo-breaking marketing, see the website and videos of THINXS here:

As to how it works, see here:

THINX is made up of four bits of tech that makes ‘em anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant.

Yes, it's reusable (washable).

Advantages are that nothing needs to be inserted, but you can still do all sports (except for swimming in a pool, although swimming in the ocean is fine).

Main disadvantage: the costs (around 35 USD), but perhaps this will come down once it gets mass produced?

In my opinion it's good to have this kind of product discussed here on the forum because:
- it can help break taboos around menstruation
- the avertising is clever and feels very empowering - we can learn a bit from that!
- if the costs could come down this could become a very relevant product to help women manage their menstruation in developing countries, especially in cultures where inserting something is not regarded as a good option.
- it is a very non-threatening product for teenage girls, as it looks just like normal underwear; so could help greatly during puberty education with girls and boys.

Let's see where this product goes and if it turns out to be popular in the longer term? (e.g. how will the fabric behave after it's been through the wash 100 times).


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