How many times per day do people wash their hands?

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How many times per day do people wash their hands?


Does anyone know of any references for the number of times per day people from low and middle income countries wash their hands? I have found a lot of references for prevalence rates at critical times, but very few on number of times per day. So far, I only know about Davis et al. (2011) and Pickering et al. (2011) for women in Tanzania, and Lau et al. (2004) for SARS patients in Hong Kong. Any help is appreciated!

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Re: How many times per day do people wash their hands?

Dear Mr. Tim,

What those papers you have referred to say?

Please have a look at this Pakistan paper:,%20PAKISTAN.pdf

The abstract says:
Survey has highlighted the significance of hand washing and also indicated the knowledge and practices among 250 mothers between the age group 22-35 in belong to Karachi, the cosmopolitan city of Pakistan by direct filling of questionnaire and short interviews. The results of the survey indicated that 24% were also not aware that gastroenteritis and diaherral diseases can be transmitted to their kids due to their improper hand washing practices. Similarly, about 6% were reported of washing hands frequently each day and 72% spend hardly less than a minute in this activity. In addition to this, among interviewed mothers 60% responded washing hands with soap as compared to the 32% and 40% wash with some detergents and plain water respectively. Moreover, 56% mothers were found to have long nails and about 40% of them had dirt in them. In interview, 16% were found only educating their kids about hand washing procedures and 72% of the mothers were in favour of introducing a course of hand hygiene for school going kids


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