any interest in new technologies?(specially imported one) - Aquatron?

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any interest in new technologies?(specially imported one)

so this forum is for healthy sanitation systems and everyone is giving their opinions. some seeking for new solutions and some are with the one they having. sanitation is the department or field you can say where people refuse to work. "not in my backyard" kind of attitude of people making this field a issue. but those are with this attitude also need to poop every morning, and the sludge management is becoming worst day by day. there's some of technologies like STP, Biological Toilets, Automatic Toilets. increasing population day day by day those technologies are not enough and we need to find some other solutions or need to expand whatever we have. as per my studies regarding this sanitation field STP's are too costly to installed by any typical or normal users. so here i come with the new technology called aquatron sanitation system which helps us to separate solid and liquid coming out from the toilet within first 5-7 seconds. so it reduce the chance of black water generation and so the sewage. this will be much better technology in rural area's since aquatron does not require any electricity and mechanical parts. the solution was in nature itself and the inventors of aquatron succeed in. the technology is in work since 25 years in Sweden and now 7 years in India. intentions are to write this is that i don't know the exact source from where i can start from. if anyone is interested in the same, feel free to contact.

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Re: any interest in new technologies?(specially imported one)

I was interested in buying an Aquatron and I like the idea of a vortex separating the solids from the liquids. I have even seen one in action in CAT in Wales. I then looked at the price and quickly changed my mind. Any technology designed for use in a poor household setting has to be low cost and be very good value for money. Profits have to be made by selling large volumes with low margins rather than low volumes and high margins. Look at Sato-pan, which contains about the same amount of plastic, and how can be made, transported and installed in rural Uganda household for around $8. Drop your prices by 90% and it may be a product worth thinking about. I have an design of urban latrine for India in which it would be great incorporate an Aquatron - but only at the right price or the idea will never scale.
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