This section contains topics about people's behaviours and perceptions; how to influence these behaviours and to understand the psychology behind it all.
Ingredients for Improving Sani ...
by F H Mughal
18 Feb 2018 18:49
Put here topics about capacity development for more sustainable practices in sanitation where many sectors and authority levels are involved
Re: Sanitation Capacity Building P ...
by F H Mughal
14 Feb 2018 17:33
Includes CLTS, community health clubs and other community-led approaches
Re: CLTS with inclusive WASH progr ...
by rochelleholm
08 Feb 2018 12:44
Making the general public more aware of the issues surrounding lack of sanitation (and potential solutions) in developing countries and in fact in all countries of the world
Sewage Pollution - Duterte: To ...
by F H Mughal
10 Feb 2018 17:38

Wikipedia (85 topics)

Many SuSanA members have become active Wikipedians. How about joining them in the effort to improve the world's largest encyclopedia for sanitation-related content?
Re: Improving Wikipedia article on ...
by marcos
19 Feb 2018 22:36
Activities and publications to influence public policy, laws and budgets by using facts, their relationships, the media, and messaging to educate government officials and the public
Toilet Parliament
by PrabhatMisra
20 Oct 2017 15:43
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