Business, governance
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Business, governance

This is a broad category that contains topics in the area of business (e.g. markets, economics, business models, market development, value chain development) as well as topics in the area of governance (policies, upscaling, enabling environment, global political processes). This category could also be split in two in future if needed, but we did not want to have too many categories on the forum. The first three sub-categories below belong to the business part; the others to the governance part.
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by rochelleholm
18 Feb 2015 05:04
Business aspects around sanitation can be discussed here.
29 Topics 183 Replies
by KaiMikkel
20 Feb 2015 18:01
35 Topics 120 Replies
by Langergraber
27 Feb 2015 13:49
Topics in the area of governance, institutions, water sector reform processes, water and sanitation policies and regulations - aiming at upscaling can be discussed here.
31 Topics 217 Replies
by F H Mughal
04 Mar 2015 07:10
Issues leading to an enabling environment for example monitoring and evaluation (M&E), quality control, certifications, policy support, PPP models, monitoring and enforcement issues.
14 Topics 83 Replies
by muench
23 Feb 2015 15:59
Topics such as human right to sanitation, post-2015 Millennium Development Goals agenda, global monitoring, Sustainable Development Goals etc. are discussed here.
35 Topics 223 Replies
by Roslyn
02 Mar 2015 13:48
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