What kind of emergency sanitation (plan) there is in a Mega City like New York?

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What kind of emergency sanitation (plan) there is in a Mega City like New York?

With the recent hurricane in the US and flooded streets ==> www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2012/10...s-destruction/58492/ , I seriously wonder what kind of emergency sanitation (plan) there is in a MegaCity like NYC. Maybe not tiny Peepoo bags that need to be stripped over a tin, but still - wouldn't this be a good scenario for dry, bag-based toilets (~Separett Privy 500)? Maybe as a DIY manual on instructables for those who temporarily need to convert their flush toilet into a dry solution?

Most emergency sanitation options for flooded areas are for rural areas only, or developing countries (often with a reuse concept), but I am particularly wondering about a suitable option for those who live in densely populated areas with an otherwise existing sewage infrastructure that is temporarily overloaded.

In other words: what do people use instead? Buckets?

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Re: Sandy & emergency sanitation in urban areas

Temporary shelters with mobile toilets are usually made available during urban disasters (In US FEMA guidelines hurricane shelters are mentioned).

Bob Reed from WEDC recently gave a presentation on emergency urban sanitation - www.irc.nl/page/72531

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