Looking for companies offering pyrolysis for sewage sludge
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TOPIC: Looking for companies offering pyrolysis for sewage sludge

Looking for companies offering pyrolysis for sewage sludge 13 Feb 2013 17:41 #3475

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Dear all,

I am working for the ingeneering office Kuster+Hager in Switzerland and we are currently looking for companies that offer pyrolysis technology to treat wastewater sludge.

We already found some companies on the internet, some we already contacted, but I would like to know if anyone can share some experiences with that technology (especially high temperature pyrolysis).

We want to support a local wastewater treatment plant where the main responsible person wants to establish some environmental friendly technology to
- Treat the sludge (reduce the amaount)
- Gain more energy (gas)
- Have the possibility to recover phosphorous (without heavy metals)

Phosphorous is a scarce resource that we should recover from the sludge (or sewage sludge ash) and it will be an obligation in Switzerland soon. But the important part is that we are able to remove it without the heavy metals.

If it is possible to find a company that fits to the mentioned ideas, it is planned to establish a research project at the plant.

Can anyone help with this question ? I was looking for companies in Switzerland with only one result, so I checked also for companies in other countries (mainly Germany). I will list here the companies that I found by research on the internet:

- PYROMEX: www.pyromex.com/index.php/de/
- Pyreg: www.pyreg.de/website/resources/documents/pyreg_dt.pdf
- TechTrade GmbH: www.techtrade.de
- DGEngineering GmbH: www.dgengineering.de
- WES Waste & Energie Solutions GmbH: www.WES-gmbh.biz
- Visser & Smit Hanab GmbH: www.visser-smit-hanab.de/
- G&A Gutes Aufbereiten: www.gutes-aufbereiten.de/
- Eisenmann Anlagenbau GmbH & Co.KG: www.eisenmann.com
- UC Prozesstechnik: www.ucgmbh.de/
- Pyrum Innovations: www.pyrum.de/
- Carbolinio : www.carboilino.ch/

Biochar producers :
- Black Carbon: www.blackcarbon.dk/
- Carbon Terra : www.carbon-terra.eu/de
- Rewenergy: www.rewenergy.de/
- Biomacon : www.biomacon.com/

Main question would be if anyone knows companies located in Switzerland as this would be the basis for the research project. Otherwise we need to find other ways.
I’m thankful for any information or advice on this topic!

Thank you very much!
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