Looking for UDDT contacts in Sweden

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Looking for UDDT contacts in Sweden

I am traveling to Sweden in early September. I would like to contact the group in Stockholm that is actively involved in urine diverting dehydrating toilets (UDDT). Do you have a contact name, email address, and phone number? What is the name of the organization and do you have the address. I am a Swedish speaker

Tore Knos
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Re: Looking for UDDT contacts in Sweden

Dear Tore,

I don't know which group in Stockholm who is doing UDDT research you mean?
Do you mean Stockholm Environment Institute? You could contact Arno Rosemarin via their website or by using the contacting function here in the forum. But they are not doing UDDT research at present as far as I know.

There is also this document in the SuSanA library that I was once involved in preparing (6 years old now; could do with an update):

von Münch, E., Winker, M. (2011). Worldwide listing of suppliers for urine diversion pedestals/seats (for UDDTs or for UD flush toilets) - Appendix 3 of technology review of urine diversion components. Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

There is also this section about UDDT suppliers on the forum:

But I am not too clear on what you are looking for? Suppliers or researchers? Researchers on toilets or on reuse activities?


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