Health and hygiene, schools and other non-household settings
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Health and hygiene, schools and other non-household settings

This category contains all sanitation topics in relationship to health and hygiene. It also contains topics on sanitation for schools and other non-household settings like prisons and work places
Topics that deal with diseases caused by lack of sanitation, for example neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), can be discussed here. There is a sub-sub-category specifically for intestinal worm infections.
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by JKMakowka
05 May 2016 02:34
Links between nutrition and WASH can be discussed here, for example stunted growth in children, environmental enteropathy
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by jduval
20 Apr 2016 08:44
Put here topics on making sanitation inclusive and accessible for all - including for people with disabilities.
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by darao
09 Nov 2015 02:23
Awareness campaigns and strategies related to hygiene promotion and hand washing can be discussed here. There is a separate sub-sub-category for handwashing in schools (see above).
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by muench
01 May 2016 14:07
In this sub-category any topic surrounding schools and sanitation & hygiene can be discussed. There is a sub-sub-category on handwashing activities at schools.
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by Nicole
02 May 2016 01:34
This section is for WASH in non-household and non-school settings. It is not meant for WASH in schools, community toilets, public toilets as these have their own sections on the forum.
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by secretariat
15 Jan 2016 15:10
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by Shawn
04 May 2016 14:19
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