Piloting a Community Led School Sanitation Improvement in Conflict Affected areas in ARMM Philippines was a success.

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Piloting a Community Led School Sanitation Improvement in Conflict Affected areas in ARMM Philippines was a success.

In order to implement the sanitation component of the Fit For School program we opted to shift in the strategy by including more trainees from the communities and share lessons learnt for rehabilitation and construction of toilets in schools.
The remaining beneficiary schools that have been selected with Department of Education Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (Deped ARMM)were in Lanao area. This brings along some security challenges as the schools are in red areas and therefore GIZ and its contractors cannot directly access the schools.
The shift of strategy of GIZ in implementing sanitation facilities improvement from contractor led approach to community led brings high accomplishment rating making the DepEd ARMM decide to replicate it in island provinces.

The DepEd ARMM Regional Monitoring Team (RMT), Division Facilities Coordinators, School Heads and the Trained Sanitation Community Skilled Workers (SCSW) played a great role in this success.

The 3 agencies set up guiding roles and responsibilities to implement this approach:

DepEd ARMM Regional Office

•Provide the delivery of construction materials from GIZ Warehouse in Cotabato City to the schools
•Committed to provide incentive reward worth Php 10,000.00 per school who completed the classroom toilet construction
•Conducts monitoring of the target schools

School communities

•Identify a skilled worker to participate in the training
•Provide the needed labour
•Ensure the construction is completed in a timely manner


•Provide orientation to school heads and on-the-job training for CSW
•Provide construction materials to the schools

DepEd Regional Monitoring Team and GIZ FFS staff developed a simple monitoring tool for non-engineers to be use by the team during school site visits. This was used during the early stage of classroom toilet construction wherein during the school visit of RMT, and any findings was discussed to the school heads and the SCSW before leaving the school. This is to minimize back jobs and meet the standard classroom toilet set by DepEd ARMM.

Since rainfall in Lanao and Marawi areas is frequent, rainwater catchment is very feasible for school children have access to water inside the new constructed classroom toilets. Some of the schools replicated the temporary rainwater catchment that the skilled workers installed in the classroom toilets they have constructed.

Some of the output of community led classroom toilet constructed in Lanao and Marawi schools are shown in the attachment

As of today 32 out of 35 schools have completed the repair and construction of classroom toilet and received their reward incentives in the amount of Php 10,000.00. For the 3 schools they were given memo by the office of the DepEd ARMM Secretary to do lots of explaining on the status of the project.

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