SuSanA featured on SHHH: The Poopcast

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SuSanA featured on SHHH: The Poopcast

Hello friends!

SHHH: The Poopcast (aka Sh*t and Shame with Shawn) is a monthly podcast that has been bringing a wide spectrum of sanitation themes to the broader public since 2015. Hosted by me, The Puru and founder of The POOP Project, I spend each episode in conversation with a guest.

We've featured international WASH professionals like Sasha Kramer from SOIL , Finding Impact's Andy Narracott , or scholar Raul Pacheco-Vega to name a few. I also talk with experts in related fields, like Squatty Potty CEO Bobby Edwards , London Loo Tours founder Rachel Cole-Wilkins (nee Erickson) , or a discussion on fossilized poo (coprolites) with paleontologist Carl Mehling from the American Museum of Natural History .

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our latest podcast episode features the smart, charismatic and often hilarious Esther Shaylor in a conversation all about SuSanA , and how technology is helping to change the way sanitation professionals operate. Please give it a listen, share your thoughts, and share with those who might benefit from hearing. In addition to explaining SuSanA to those outside the field, I hope that this episode can be a conversation starter for us all - how might we better utilize SuSanA for improving our practices, and what technologies can we dream up that will help us well into the future?

You can stream or download the episode (and many more) here:

Or subscribe on iTunes to have each episode delivered straight to you:

For more information about The POOP Project and our activities, check out our website ( , or the most recent newsletter featuring upcoming engagements in the San Francisco Bay area.

Thanks so much! Wishing you all love, joy and peaceful pooping :)

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